Cover Your Eyes by Adele Geras
This is an intriguing story of guilt and responsibility.
Review by Sally Hughes
F by Daniel Kehlmann
What does F of the title stand for? For each reader it will be something different.
Review by Jo Harding
I Refuse by Per Petterson
I Refuse is less a single story than a collection of broken narratives held lightly together by their relation to the two main characters, Jim and Tommy.
Review by Adam Ley-Lange
Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz
Writing sequels and prequels to classics has become common nowadays, but the results are variable.
Review by Sam Pope
The Twilight Hour by Nicci Gerrard
In The Twilight Hour, Nicci Gerrard literalises the tidying and burying of memories and secrets into the physical process of clearing one’s possessions away.
Review by Megan Brown