Alpha Wearing

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Robert Hughes

This authoritative and detailed cultural history of Rome is very readable...

The Fear Index
Robert Harris

Set in the world of high finance, The Fear Index is about Alex...

The Lady of the Rivers
Philippa Gregory

Jacquetta is the mother of Elizabeth Woodville, who caught the eye of Edward...

Love Monster
Rachel Bright

Love Monster is a delightful book which has gorgeous pictures, clear text,...

R.J. Anderson

Swift is the first book in a new series from R. J. Anderson whose...

Andy Robb

Archie is a geek. He enjoys computer games and hanging around with his geeky...

Rome: The Eagle of the Twelfth
M.C. Scott

Demalion of Macedon, recruited unwillingly into the Roman Army, is sent to...

Alif the Unseen
G. Willow Wilson

Alif is a computer hacker who uses his skills to protect various dissidents...

The Hanged Man Rises
Sarah Naughton

The Hanged Man Rises is a brilliant and deliciously creepy...

Marianne Curley

Ebony has had a sheltered and happy childhood, but as she comes of age she...

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