Jane Roberts

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Jane Roberts
Gulliver's Bookshop
47 High Street Wimborne Minster
United Kingdom
01202 882 677
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Reviews by this bookshop

And Then it Happened
Linda Green

This fourth novel from Linda Green could quite possibly be the new One...

Jane Austen Ruined My Life
Beth Pattillo

This is the tale of Emma Grant, an Austen scholar at university in America....

The Legacy
Kirsten Tranter

A terrorism-fraught story of how 9/11 ripped friendships apart, The...

French Lessons
Ellen Sussman

Debut author Ellen Sussman tells the tale of three French tutors: Nico the...

The Perfect Pet Shop
Vivian French

This tale of a naughty noisy puppy who lives in Mr Peter’s Perfect Pet Shop...

My Hollywood
Mona Simpson

A brilliant, thought-provoking read about the other side of Hollywood, for...

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