Kathryn Flagner

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Hood Rat
Gavin Knight

There are several stories in Hood Rat, each revolving around the activities...

The Epigenetics Revolution
Nessa Carey

The mapping of the human genome has long been perceived as the key to...

Kevin Brooks

It’s mid-1970s London and punk is in its embryonic stages. When uncool Lili...

The Fear
Charlie Higson

Everyone over 14 has been struck by a mysterious disease. Those left alive...

Calories and Corsets
Louise Foxcroft

Obesity is very much seen as a modern day phenomenon but Calories and...

The Doll Princess
Tom Benn

In July 1996 the murder of an oil heiress in Manchester sparks a major...

A Walk Across the Sun
Corban Addison

Sisters Ahalya and Sita are from a middle class Indian family, both with...

Running for Gold
Owen Slot

Every year Danny wins the 100 meters race at the UK School Games.


The Legion of Shadow
Michael J Ward

The Legion of Shadow is the first book in a new interactive fantasy...

The Air War
Adrian Tchaikovsky

For five years there has been an uneasy peace between the Wasp Empire and...

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