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The Devotion of Suspect X
Keigo Higashino

In Higashino's first book to be translated into English, we quickly learn...

Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson is famous for his long, complex novels, and whilst ...

The Depature
Neal Asher

On a dystopian and ruined Earth ruled by The Committee, Alan Saul wakes in a...

Me and You
Niccolo Ammanti

Lorenzo is a 14-year-old loner who decides to get some space for a week by...

Iain Banks

Stuart Gilmour returns home for the weekend to the town of Stonemouth on the...

Kim Stanley Robinson

Acclaimed author of the Mars trilogy Kim Stanley Robinson once again takes...

Throne of the Crescent Moon
Saladin Ahmed

Saladin Ahmed’s debut novel is the story of one of the last ghul hunters,...

The Great Mathematical Problems
Ian Stewart

Fermat’s Last Theorem, the Goldbach Coinjecture, the Navier-Stokes Equation...

Wolfhound Century
Peter Higgins

Inspector Vissarion Lom is an outsider, a fact that makes him ideal for the...

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