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Burning Bright

Review - 09/01/2013 by Jade Craddock

Burning Bright Sophie McKenzie Simon & Schuster Childrens Books ...


Review - 09/01/2013 by Catherine Larner

Fearless Cornelia Funke Chicken House ...

From What I Remember

Review - 09/01/2013 by Ben Peel

From What I Remember Stacy Kramer and Valerie Thomas Electric Monkey ...

Shrinking Violet Definitely Needs a Dog

Review - 09/01/2013 by Emma Crawford

Shrinking Violet Definitely Needs a Dog Lou Kuenzler Scholastic ...

The Last Minute

Review - 09/01/2013 by Caroline Downie

The Last Minute Eleanor Updale David Fickling ...

Into That Forest

Review - 10/01/2013 by Samantha Buckley

Into That Forest Louis Nowra Egmont ...

The Weight of Water

Review - 11/01/2013 by Lisa Redmond

The Weight of Water Sarah Crossan Bloomsbury ...


Review - 07/01/2013 by Becca Watts

Shadows Paula Weston Indigo ...

The Lost Girl

Review - 07/01/2013 by Becca Watts

The Lost Girl Sangu Mandanna Definitions ...


Review - 07/01/2013 by Liz Hurley

Bluefish Pat Schmatz Walker ...

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