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Dodger of the Dials

Review - 11/06/2014 by Sally Hughes

Dodger of the Dials James Benmore Heron Books ...

Treason's Daughter

Review - 10/06/2014 by Sally Hughes

Treason's Daughter Antonia Senior Corvus ...

The White Russian

Review - 10/06/2014 by Sally Hughes

The White Russian Vanora Bennett Century ...

The Baklava Club

Review - 09/06/2014 by Jade Craddock

The Baklava Club Jason Goodwin Faber & Faber ...

The Pink Suit

Review - 09/06/2014 by Rebecca Foster

The Pink Suit Nicole Mary Kelby Virago ...

Midnight in Europe

Review - 09/06/2014 by Penny Batchelor

Midnight in Europe Alan Furst Weidenfeld & Nicolson ...

An Appetite for Violets

Review - 29/05/2014 by Rebecca Foster

An Appetite for Violets Martine Bailey Hodder & Stoughton ...


Review - 22/05/2014 by Penny Batchelor

Darkling Laura Beatty Chatto & Windus ...

Top 5: Books About Food

Feature - 21/05/2014 by Martine Bailey

Author Martine Bailey tells us about her fa ...

The Heroes' Welcome

Review - 20/05/2014 by Clair Stanton

The Heroes' Welcome Louisa Young The Borough Press ...

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