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John Spurling's Top 5 Books About China

Feature - 29/04/2014 by John Spurling

Author of The Ten Thousand Things, John S ...

Three new books from Ken Follett

News & views - 11/04/2014 by Sarah Shaffi

Ken Follett is writing three new nov ...

Lucy Cruickshanks on being banned in Vietnam

Feature - 07/04/2014 by Lucy Cruickshanks

Author Lucy Cruickshanks tal ...

The Flood

Review - 04/04/2014 by Joy Robinson

The Flood David Maine Canongate ...

A Wolf in Hindelheim

Review - 02/04/2014 by Gerard O'Hare

A Wolf in Hindelheim Jenny Mayhew Windmill Books ...

Turning the Stones

Review - 31/03/2014 by Jade Craddock

Turning the Stones Debra Daley Heron Books ...

The Dynamite Room

Review - 27/03/2014 by Maria Vassilopoulos

The Dynamite Room Jason Hewitt Simon & Schuster ...

Dark Aemilia

Review - 27/03/2014 by Sally Hughes

Dark Aemilia Sally O'Reilly Myriad Editions ...

Isabel Wolff's Favourite Far-Eastern Novels

Feature - 26/03/2014 by Isabel Wolff

Isabel Wolff’s ne ...

Frog Music

Review - 26/03/2014 by Tracy Eynon

Frog Music Emma Donoghue Picador ...

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