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Review - 26/01/2015 by Amy Pirt

Theo Ed Taylor Old Street ...

Feast of the Innocents

Review - 21/01/2015 by Sue Creed

Feast of the Innocents Evelio Rosero MacLehose Press ...

Wrote for Luck

Review - 21/01/2015 by Adam Ley-Lange

Wrote for Luck D J Taylor Galley Beggar Press ...


Review - 20/01/2015 by Lucy Rock

Weathering Lucy Wood Bloomsbury ...

The Lightning Tree

Review - 15/01/2015 by Sally Hughes

The Lightning Tree Emily Woof Faber & Faber ...

The Offering

Review - 15/01/2015 by Clair Stanton

The Offering Grace McCleen Sceptre ...

Alice and the Fly

Review - 14/01/2015 by Sally Hughes

Alice and the Fly James Rice Hodder & Stoughton ...

The Alphabet of Birds

Review - 08/01/2015 by Adam Ley-Lange

The Alphabet of Birds S.J. Naudé And Other Stories ...


Review - 06/01/2015 by Sue Creed

Craving Esther Gerritsen World Editions ...

The Beauty

Review - 12/12/2014 by Jennifer Wade

The Beauty Aliya Whiteley Unsung Stories ...

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