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Where to begin, by Barbara Kingsolver

Feature - 27/11/2013 by Barbara Kingsolver

Award-winning author Barbara Kingsolver's ...

Days in the History of Silence

Review - 25/11/2013 by Andre van Loon

Days in the History of Silence Merethe Lindstrøm Other Press ...

Tributes to Doris Lessing

News & views - 18/11/2013 by Benedicte Page

Publishers and writers have paid tribute to Doris Lessing, who has died at the age of 94 ...

Guardian First Book Prize Shortlist announced

News & views - 15/11/2013 by Benedicte Page

Women dominate the Guardian First Book shortlist Women writ ...

"Boldly original" first novel wins £10k prize

News & views - 14/11/2013 by Katie Allen

Winner Eimear McBride, who spent nine years try ...

Unfashioned Creatures

Review - 12/11/2013 by Rebecca Dark

Unfashioned Creatures Lesley McDowell Saraband ...

The lure of the classroom romance

Feature - 12/11/2013 by Rosa Rankin-Gee

Rosa Rankin-Gee on the most forbidden ...

Dylan Thomas Prize goes to Claire Vaye Watkins

News & views - 08/11/2013 by Joshua Farrington

Claire Vaye Watkins ...

Butterflies in November

Review - 07/11/2013 by Alexandra Murphy

Butterflies in November Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir Pushkin ...

The Last Kings of Sark

Review - 07/11/2013 by Alexandra Murphy

The Last Kings of Sark Rosa Rankin-Gee Virago ...

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