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How long should a book be?

Feature - 18/09/2014 by Janina Matthewson

One of the unexpected insecurities I’ve had over starting out as an author is over the le ...

Hesperus Launches Haiku Competition

News & views - 17/09/2014 by We Love This Book

To celebrate the publication of Denis ...

Head of State

Review - 11/09/2014 by Sinead Fitzgibbon

Head of State Andrew Marr HarperCollins ...

A Replacement Life

Review - 10/09/2014 by Adam Ley-Lange

A Replacement Life Boris Fishman One ...

Emmy the Great Reads: Zadie Smith

Feature - 10/09/2014 by Emma-Lee Moss

Guest writer, Emma-Lee Moss, tells us about he ...

A History of Loneliness

Review - 09/09/2014 by Jennifer Wade

A History of Loneliness John Boyne Doubleday ...

The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman

Review - 09/09/2014 by Jade Craddock

The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman Denis Theriault Hesperus ...

We Are Not Ourselves

Review - 09/09/2014 by Rosanna Hawkins

We Are Not Ourselves Matthew Thomas Fourth Estate ...

Mr Mac and Me

Review - 09/09/2014 by Sally Hughes

Mr Mac and Me Esther Freud Bloomsbury ...

The Monster's Wife

Review - 08/09/2014 by Cara Fielder

The Monster's Wife Kate Horsley Barbican Press ...

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