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Sworn Virgin

Review - 22/05/2014 by Andre van Loon

Sworn Virgin Elvira Dones And Other Stories ...


Review - 22/05/2014 by Penny Batchelor

Darkling Laura Beatty Chatto & Windus ...

Memory of Water

Review - 14/05/2014 by Tracy Eynon

Memory of Water Emmi Itaranta Harper Voyager ...

Diogo Mainardi on the novel he wrote for his son

Feature - 07/05/2014 by Diogo Mainardi

Diogo Mainardi has written a book for his teen ...

The Busker

Review - 06/05/2014 by Liz Hurley

The Busker Liam Murray Bell Myriad Editions ...

The Bird Skinner

Review - 06/05/2014 by Tracy Eynon

The Bird Skinner Alice Greenway Atlantic ...

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair

Review - 06/05/2014 by Anna James

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair Joël Dicker MacLehose Press ...


Review - 01/05/2014 by Anna James

Animals Emma Jane Unsworth Canongate ...


Review - 01/05/2014 by Clair Stanton

Fallout Sadie Jones Chatto & Windus ...

Being longlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize

Feature - 29/04/2014 by Robert Allison

Robert Allison was longlisted for the 2014 D ...

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