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Review - 06/09/2013 by Tracy Eynon

Ostrich Matt Greene W&N ...

Fifty Shades Freed is book most often left behind in hotels

News & views - 28/08/2013 by Katie Allen

Erotica star E L James tops Travelodge ...

Your chance to get published

News & views - 14/08/2013 by Stacey Bartlett

If you're an inspiring ...

Lesley Pearse's Best Beach Reads

Feature - 14/08/2013 by Lesley Pearse

The author of Forgive Me ...

Forgive Me Leonard Peacock

Review - 12/08/2013 by Rebecca Dark

Forgive Me Leonard Peacock Matthew Quick Headline ...

Nadifa Mohamed's Desert Island Books

Feature - 09/08/2013 by Nadifa Mohamed

Granta Young British novelist and author of ...

The Disappearance of Emily Marr

Review - 07/08/2013 by Lisa Redmond

The Disappearance of Emily Marr Louise Candlish Sphere ...

The top ten stories on We Love This Book

News & views - 12/08/2013 by Katie Allen

We had a look ...

Secrets of the Sea House

Review - 15/08/2013 by Lisa Redmond

Secrets of the Sea House Elisabeth Gifford Corvus ...

Necessary Lies

Review - 31/07/2013 by Lindsay Healy

Necessary Lies Diane Chamberlain Pan ...

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