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Eleanor of Castile

Review - 29/09/2014 by Fiona McMillan

Eleanor of Castile Sara Cockerill Amberley ...

Naming Jack the Ripper

Review - 26/09/2014 by Paul Begg

Naming Jack the Ripper Russell Edwards Sidgwick and Jackson ...

Men of Letters

Review - 04/08/2014 by Sally Hughes

Men of Letters Duncan Barret Automobile Association ...

When Paris Went Dark

Review - 04/08/2014 by Penny Batchelor

When Paris Went Dark Ronald Ronsbottom John Murray ...

The Backwash of War

Review - 04/04/2014 by Sally Hughes

The Backwash of War Ellen N. La Motte Conway ...

Revolutionary new Russell Brand book

News & views - 14/03/2014 by Sarah Shaffi

Russell Brand is writing a new book wh ...

Politicians in fiction - an unhappy marriage

Feature - 10/03/2014 by William Thacker

  William Thacker on t ...

History's Forgotten Women

Feature - 05/03/2014 by The History Girls

To celebrate the publication of  ...

Those Wild Wyndhams

Review - 28/02/2014 by Tracy Eynon

Those Wild Wyndhams Claudia Renton William Collins ...

Claude Grahame-White: Hero of the air

Feature - 19/02/2014 by Katy Whitaker


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