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Shakespeare for Grown-ups

Review - 01/09/2014 by Clair Stanton

Shakespeare for Grown-ups Elizabeth Foley and Beth Coates Square Peg ...

YOLO added to

News & views - 14/08/2014 by Anna James have just announced the ...

Odd Job Man

Review - 07/04/2014 by Trisha Telep

Odd Job Man Jonathon Green Jonathan Cape ...

A literary treasure hunt

News & views - 28/09/2012 by Susie Dent

Countdown star and etymologist Sus ...

Sick, sweet music

Feature - 21/03/2012 by Julie Coleman

How popular music has changed the way ...

The words of 2011

Feature - 15/12/2011 by David Crystal

Linguistics expert David Crystal picks his words ...

Why sex is secretly food

News & views - 10/11/2011 by Mark Forsyth

The author of The Etymologicon explores th ...

From shah mats to check-ups

News & views - 09/11/2011 by Mark Forsyth

The Etymologicon 's Mark Forsyth contin ...

Telling black from white

News & views - 08/11/2011 by Mark Forsyth

Author of The Etymologicon Mark Forsyt ...

Zyxt appeal: the secret language of words

Feature - 07/11/2011 by Alice O'Keeffe

Mark Forsyth's new book The Etymologic ...

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