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Slap and Tickle

Review - 17/10/2012 by Tracy Eynon

Slap and Tickle Tom Cutler Constable ...

The Blood of Free Men

Review - 17/10/2012 by Andre van Loon

The Blood of Free Men Michael Neiberg Basic ...

Houdini and Conan Doyle

Review - 18/10/2012 by Ben Peel

Houdini and Conan Doyle Christopher Sandford Duckworth ...

Answers for Aristotle

Review - 16/10/2012 by David Stuart

Answers for Aristotle Massimo Pigliucci Basic ...

Dickens' City

Feature - 16/10/2012 by Stacey Bartlett

workers, or whether you’re talking about servants, who were 90 per cent women, have always been part ...

The extraordinary life of Patrick Leigh Fermor

Feature - 16/10/2012 by Neill Denny

Artemis Cooper on writing the life of ...

Everest 1953

Review - 18/10/2012 by Sally Hughes

Everest 1953 Mick Conefrey Oneworld ...

The Lost Art of Letter-writing

Feature - 11/10/2012 by Philip Hensher

In the digital age, the art of ...

Mr Foote's Other Leg

Review - 11/10/2012 by Sarah Davis

Mr Foote's Other Leg Ian Kelly Picador ...

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Review - 11/10/2012 by Ben Peel

Patrick Leigh Fermor Artemis Cooper John Murray ...

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