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C'est Modnifique!

Review - 11/08/2014 by Penny Batchelor

C'est Modnifique! Ian Moore Summersdale ...

Men of Letters

Review - 04/08/2014 by Sally Hughes

Men of Letters Duncan Barret Automobile Association ...

When Paris Went Dark

Review - 04/08/2014 by Penny Batchelor

When Paris Went Dark Ronald Ronsbottom John Murray ...

Editor's Choices: August Non-Fiction

Feature - 05/08/2014 by Caroline Sanderson

The Bookseller's non-fiction e ...

H is for Hawk

Review - 04/08/2014 by Nigel Roby

H is for Hawk Helen Macdonald Jonathan Cape ...

10 Questions: Helen Macdonald

Feature - 01/08/2014 by Anna James

1. Sum up your book in three words.   Love, grief, hawks!    2. Where did ...

The Tale of the Duelling Neurosurgeons

Review - 25/07/2014 by Rebecca Foster

The Tale of the Duelling Neurosurgeons Sam Kean Doubleday ...

Turning My Back on the Premier League

Feature - 29/07/2014 by Lee Price

But that stereotype isn’t fair on the rest of footballers, the 90% who aren’t financially comfortable when ...

10 Things You Learn from The Art of Neil Gaiman

Feature - 28/08/2014 by We Love This Book

_.crop_display.jpg 1) Neil Gaiman drinks unimaginable quantities of tea a ...

Elvis and Punk

Feature - 21/07/2014 by Dylan Jones

_.crop_display.jpg Dylan Jones, editor of GQ, ...

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