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Audrey Niffenegger reveals new novel at Hay

News & views - 28/05/2013 by Hannah Lewis

Audrey Niffenegger revealed the ...

The First Book of Paula Lichtarowicz

Feature - 19/03/2013 by Felicity Wood

Paula Lichtarowicz's ...

New Niffenegger story for this autumn

News & views - 23/04/2012 by Katie Allen

The author of The Time ...

Sunnyside down

News & views - 27/01/2011 by

Every firm in every industry strives to steal a march on its competitors—so why the fuss when Waterstone's secured a period of exclusivity for Glen David Gold's Sunnyside? After all, every bookseller tries to negotiate more than its fair share ...

Hachette: 'Best' result for Sunnyside

news - 27/01/2011 by

Philip Jones Sun, 01/03/2009 - 12:03 Sceptre has brought forward publication of Glen David Gold's novel ...

Good for Tim, better for indies

News & views - 27/01/2011 by

It's not often news is broken to me via text on my way into the office at 8.30. But so it was today when The Bookseller's news editor sent me a message with the revelation that Hachette had pulled out of the exclusive Sunnyside deal with ...

Sceptre makes Sunnyside offer

news - 27/01/2011 by

Catherine Neilan Wed, 25/02/2009 - 15:59 Sceptre is extending the olive branch to independent bookshops by ...

A bad deal for Sceptre

News & views - 27/01/2011 by

Waterstone's has come in for a lot of criticism over its decision to sell the new Glen David Gold book Sunnyside exclusively, but I can't fault that decision –  they've been offered a decent deal on an exciting prospect so why not? ...

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