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Review - 14/09/2012 by Sarah Davis

Makers Chris Anderson Random House ...

J.K. Rowling richest author (again)

News & views - 01/05/2012 by Hannah Lewis

Harry Potter creator takes highest a ...

Peston the truth-teller

News & views - 10/10/2011 by Ed Wood

The BBC Business Editor ...

How to get started in business

Feature - 19/09/2011 by Philip Jones

Luke Johnson, one of Britain's b ...

i'm off: Steve Jobs leaves Apple

News & views - 06/10/2011 by Katie Allen

Apple c.e.o. Steve Jobs has long inspired entrepreneurs and tech geeks alike. His authorised biography is due this autumn ...

Enter the Dragons' Den

News & views - 03/08/2011 by Danny Arter

Business doesn't get tougher than this: check out books by TV's fiercest entrepreneurial gurus ...

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