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The Last Man Standing

Review - 04/07/2012 by Chris High

The Last Man Standing Davide Longo MacLehose ...

The Age of Miracles

Review - 22/06/2012 by Ed Wood

The Age of Miracles Karen Thompson Walker Simon & Schuster ...

The Beginning of the End

Feature - 21/03/2012 by Lucy Mangan

_cmyk.jpg Stories of apocalypse and life ...

Why we love dystopian stories

Feature - 14/02/2012 by S.D. Crockett

The timeless appeal of dystopi ...

Zombies: A Matter of Infinite Hope

Feature - 31/10/2011 by Alden Bell

_rgb.jpg Autho ...


Review - 31/10/2011 by Keith B Walters

Lies Michael Grant Egmont ...

After our end

Feature - 28/09/2011 by Ed Wood

Desolate landscapes and epic quests m ...


Review - 21/06/2011 by Rhian Jones

Then Julie Myerson Jonathan Cape ...

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