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Sweet Dreams Little One

Review - 27/03/2014 by Tracy Eynon

Sweet Dreams Little One Massimo Gramellini Alma Books ...

Mark Haddon: The Ties That Blind

Feature - 06/06/2012 by Ed Wood

Mark Haddon's touching, h ...

Elizabeth Buchan's mothers and daughters

Feature - 16/03/2012 by Katie Allen

Bestselling novelist Elizabeth Buch ...

True tales of motherhood

News & views - 16/03/2012 by Katie Allen

It's Mother's Day this weekend, ...

Parenting... a la Française

Feature - 17/01/2012 by Alice O'Keeffe

French Children Don’t Throw Food author ...

This charming man

Feature - 11/01/2012 by Roopa Farooki

Roopa Farooki examines the lure of the compulsi ...


Feature - 03/10/2011 by Nina Bell

With students about to head off to un ...

Necessity, my mother and summer fun invention

Feature - 06/07/2011 by Josie Curran

Author Josie Curran recalls the simple ...

Freeing Grace

Review - 20/06/2011 by Cole's Bookstore

Freeing Grace Charity Norman Allen & Unwin ...

Me and Mine

Review - 20/06/2011 by Sarah Davis

Me and Mine Anna May Mangan Virago ...

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