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The Maze Runner sequel coming in 2016

News & views - 09/10/2014 by Charlotte Eyre

Chicken House will in 2016 publish a pre ...

Pilgrim's progress: Terry Hayes

Feature - 24/07/2013 by Tom Tivnan

The Mad Max screenwriter Terry Hayes tell ...

Twenty films to catch this year

News & views - 10/01/2013 by Sophie Hurcom

We pick the most exciting book adaptations comin ...

Extract: Life of Pi

Feature - 21/12/2012 by Yann Martel

As the film version of Life of Pi hit ...

Where did The Hobbit come from?

Feature - 11/12/2012 by Gary Raymond

Expert Gary Raymond explains (briefly ...

From flappers to Fitzgerald

Feature - 06/11/2012 by Kevin Jackson

Constellation of Ge ...

J.J. Connolly's top five crime film adaptations

News & views - 20/07/2012 by J.J. Connolly

The author of the ...

I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron

Feature - 27/06/2012 by Nora Ephron

An extract f ...

Books dominate Oscars

News & views - 25/01/2012 by Ed Wood

Scorsese's Hugo heads up Oscar nomina ...

Shock Value

Review - 18/01/2012 by James Butlin

Shock Value Jason Zinoman Duckworth ...

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