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Fifty Shades Freed is book most often left behind in hotels

News & views - 28/08/2013 by Katie Allen

Erotica star E L James tops Travelodge ch ...

Top five Georges in literature

News & views - 25/07/2013 by Katie Allen

The Duke and Duchess of Cam ...

Stitching stories: What Delilah Did

Feature - 23/07/2013 by Katie Allen

Sophie from What Delilah Did ...

The Cuckoo's Calling

Review - 13/08/2013 by Cathy Rentzenbrink

The Cuckoo's Calling Robert Galbraith Sphere ...

Mystery crime author revealed as J.K. Rowling

News & views - 15/07/2013 by Katie Allen

Harry Potter author unmasked as 'Ro ...

J K Rowling 'likely' to write more for children

News & views - 26/09/2012 by Philip Jones

Author's first book for adults, The Casua ...

Who wants to be a millionaire?

News & views - 22/05/2012 by Philip Stone

Three writers have joined the exclus ...

J.K. Rowling richest author (again)

News & views - 01/05/2012 by Hannah Lewis

Harry Potter creator takes highest a ...

Are you Sirius? J K Rowling to write book for adults

News & views - 23/02/2012 by Katie Allen

Harry Potter author J K Rowl ...

Wizard! J K Rowling launches Pottermore

News & views - 24/06/2011 by Katie Allen

Fans of Harry Potter will be able to cast spells, visit wizards' shopping street Diagon Alley and try out the infamous Sorting Hat a ...

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