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Politicians in fiction - an unhappy marriage

Feature - 10/03/2014 by William Thacker

  William Thacker on t ...

Return to satire: Jonathan Coe

Feature - 05/09/2013 by Danny Arter

Jonathan Coe discusses Expo 58 ...

Meg Wolitzer: being interesting

Feature - 22/08/2013 by Danny Arter

Meg Wolitzer's latest no ...

Roddy Doyle's Guts

Feature - 05/08/2013 by Danny Arter

Roddy Doyle on revi ...

Lightning Rods

Review - 02/07/2013 by Clair Muller

Lightning Rods Helen DeWitt And Other Stories ...

In Times of Fading Light

Review - 02/07/2013 by Sophie Yeo

In Times of Fading Light Eugen Ruge Faber ...

A Map of Nowhere

Review - 21/08/2013 by Esther Press

A Map of Nowhere Martin Bannister Legend Press ...

Things That Are

Review - 07/06/2013 by Alexandra Murphy

Things That Are Amy Leach Canongate ...

Nadeem Aslam: on being blind

News & views - 21/08/2013 by Hannah Lewis

Hannah Lewis listens in on Nadeem Aslam and C ...

The Shock of the Fall

Review - 21/08/2013 by Eve Douglas

The Shock of the Fall Nathan Flier HarperCollins ...

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