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How to not be scared of sci fi

Feature - 20/09/2013 by Ella Berthoud

The 10 best novels for sci fi beginne ...

When children tell the stories

News & views - 10/06/2013 by Fayette Fox

The author of The Deception Artist re ...

The Handmaid's Tale

Publisher notes - 26/09/2012 by The Folio Society

The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood The Folio Society ...

How to illustrate Margaret Atwood

Feature - 24/09/2012 by The Folio Society

An Interview with a ...

The Margaret Atwood Twitterview

Feature - 11/11/2011 by Ed Wood

Margaret Atwood talks to readers ab ...

In Other Worlds: Sci-fi and the human imagination

Review - 03/11/2011 by Danny Arter

In Other Worlds: Sci-fi and the human imagination Margaret Atwood Virago ...

Atwood’s Other Worlds

News & views - 03/11/2011 by Margaret Atwood

Ahead of her Twitter interview ...

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