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War Girls

Review - 17/06/2014 by George Hanratty

War Girls Various Andersen Press ...

My top picks of 2013 - so far

News & views - 01/07/2013 by Katie Allen

Editor of K ...

Melvin Burgess' Desert Island Books

Feature - 08/04/2013 by Melvin Burgess

Author of Junk, Doing It and new b ...

The Hit

Review - 05/04/2013 by Rebecca Dark

The Hit Melvin Burgess Chicken House ...

An Angel for May

Review - 08/02/2013 by Andy Murray

An Angel for May Melvin Burgess Andersen ...

Kill All Enemies

Review - 19/09/2011 by Lisa Randall

Kill All Enemies Melvin Burgess Puffin ...

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