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David Bowie's Top 100 Books revealed

News & views - 01/10/2013 by Katie Allen

"Genius" rock icon reput ...

Is silence golden for writers?

News & views - 12/03/2013 by Tim Relf

TR-photo - Copy.JPG Music: distraction or delight when w ...

The best music books of the year?

News & views - 22/01/2013 by Janet Leigh

Rolling Stones' and Mike Skinner ...

Play It Again

Review - 16/01/2013 by Catherine Larner

Play It Again Alan Rusbridger Jonathan Cape ...

Fifty Shades: the album?

News & views - 08/08/2012 by Katie Allen

Erotica trilogy set to seduce ear-drums ...

Elvis' library card up for auction

News & views - 08/08/2012 by Katie Allen

The King's teenage reading revealed ...

The day Amy died

Feature - 24/07/2012 by Mitch Winehouse

On the anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death, ...

The Big Music

Review - 04/07/2012 by Ben Paynter

The Big Music Kirsty Gunn Faber ...

HowTheLightGetsIn: Hay's fringe

News & views - 10/06/2012 by Ed Wood

Hilary Davies, director of Hay's fr ...

The unique life of Harry Belafonte

Feature - 08/06/2012 by Ed Wood

How Harry Belafonte turned down JFK, ...

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