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BBC launches book portal

News & views - 21/05/2014 by Felicity Wood

For the first time, BBC Arts Online will b ...

BBC increases books coverage

News & views - 26/03/2014 by Sarah Shaffi

The BBC has announced that it is set to in ...

The secret side of Mr Selfridge

Feature - 16/10/2013 by Lindy Woodhead

Expert Lindy Woodhead reveals the secret r ...

Entering the Whoniverse

Feature - 04/10/2012 by J.T. Colgan

A star at Bath ...

Finding the working class hero

News & views - 25/09/2012 by Katie Allen

A new version of Room at the Top ...

Extract: Émile Zola's The Paradise

Feature - 16/10/2013 by Émile Zola

Em ...

Banville's sleuth heads to TV

News & views - 22/05/2013 by Kimberley Chen

John Banville.JPG Andrew Davies to bring Quirke to BBC1 ...

The man behind Parade's End

Feature - 29/08/2012 by Kimberley Chen

The Tom Stoppard adaptation of F ...

Jeremy Vine's Desert Island Books

Feature - 13/08/2012 by Jeremy Vine

The presenter on Stephen King, Tintin and th ...

Boyd's Restless for TV

News & views - 25/06/2012 by Alexandra Wilks

William Boyd's spy novel ...

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