28/08/2014 by Shelley Weiner
Scrawling "Wish you were here!" when you most certainly don’t, or "Weather glorious!" as the rain buckets down, can be the most creative aspect of the average veg-in-the-sun summer break. 
14/08/2014 by Anna James
Penguin Random House have created an iBooks Author version of Rob Ryan's The Invisible Kingdom. You can watch the trailer below. 
12/08/2014 by Primula Bond
Erotica author Primula Bond, tells us what she thinks about the impact of the Fifty Shades phenomena on erotica. 
12/08/2014 by Hannah Vincent
Hannah Vincent, author of Alarm Girl , tells us about her favourite books to make you cry. 
12/08/2014 by Anna James
The author of The Scatter Here is Too Great answers our questions. 
11/08/2014 by Jeff Norton
Author Jeff Norton tells us his favourite stories told as diaries. 
08/08/2014 by James Carol
My love affair with Stephen King started on my 11th birthday when I received a copy of The Dead Zone. Up until then I’d just read children's books, so this was both a revelation and an education. There were no happy endings in this story, that was for sure. By the time I finished it, I was hooked and quickly looked for more of his books. Even now, more than three decades later, I’m still first in the queue whenever something new is released.   I won’t claim to have read everything that King has written – because of the amount of words he churns out every year, I doubt many people have. I have read most of his work, though. What gets me most is the sheer diversity. Whatever the story is, whether it’s a horror tale about a clown in the sewer system, or a crazed fan with some interesting motivational techniques, or a short novella about a prison break, he grabs hold of you from the first word and doesn’t let go until the final full stop.    Quite simply, the guy is a genius. There are a lot of great storyteller out there, but there will only ever be one King.
08/08/2014 by Sophy Henn
 It still surprises me that I had a career in advertising.
07/08/2014 by Erin Lange
Someone told me recently that my genre is "Disabilities/Disadvantaged YA" and I had to bite my tongue to keep from arguing.

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