09/12/2014 by Laura Watkinson
The translator of The Letter for the King tells us about what she's grateful for, and translating the next book in the series. 
09/12/2014 by Betsy Tobin
Betsy Tobin tells us about why she ended up writing a book about religion, even though she doesn't believe.
04/12/2014 by We Love This Book
The ten books in the running for the inaugural YA Book Prize have been announced.
04/12/2014 by We Love This Book
The author of Shadowboxing, Tony Birch, answers our questions.
03/12/2014 by We Love This Book
Watch a trailer for the brand new teen web series based on CJ Daughtery's bestselling Night School series. 
03/12/2014 by We Love This Book
Artist Mister Finch tells us about his new book, Living in a Fairytale World. 
03/12/2014 by Charlotte Eyre
Chair of the judges, Charlotte Eyre, talks about choosing the shortlist, which is announced tomorrow. 
27/11/2014 by Matt Haig
In the last blog before the announcement of the shortlist next year, author Matt Haig talks about darkness in YA.
26/11/2014 by We Love This Book
This week We Love This Book joined YouTube! In our first video you can see last Friday's book post. We'd love to hear from you what sort of videos you'd like to see from us - we've got interviews, recommendations and more unboxings planned so far! 
18/11/2014 by Cat Anderson
The children's specialist at the Edinburgh Bookshop, Cat Anderson, writes about trends she's spotted in the UK YA market.

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