20/11/2013 by Katherine Webb
Set in 1820s Bath, Katherine Webb's The Misbegotten uncovers the darkness behind Jane Austen's marriage plots
15/11/2013 by Stacey Bartlett
Shiva Trilogy author Amish Tripathi on writing the fastest-selling series in Indian history
14/11/2013 by Steve Parker
Headache? Be glad you live in this century. Steve Parker looks at some of the most bizarre – and painful – methods of treating illnesses over human history
13/11/2013 by Margo Lanaga
Read the opening of Ferryman in this exclusive extract from Margo Lanagan's short story collection Yellow Cake
12/11/2013 by Rosa Rankin-Gee
Rosa Rankin-Gee on the most forbidden of literary love affairs
08/11/2013 by Mackenzie Crook
Actor and author Mackenzie Crook shares the books he likes to read to his children
07/11/2013 by Charlie Hill
Charlie Hill's second novel is based on his time as a bookseller
07/11/2013 by Trisha Ashley
Trisha Ashley shares her favourite romantic books
06/11/2013 by Tom Tivnan
Nina Stibbe's witty memoir of 1980s literary London is a warm-hearted treat
06/11/2013 by Lance Parkin
Ten reasons to read comics maestro Alan Moore, by Lance Parkin

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