12/08/2014 by Hannah Vincent
Hannah Vincent, author of Alarm Girl , tells us about her favourite books to make you cry. 
12/08/2014 by Anna James
The author of The Scatter Here is Too Great answers our questions. 
11/08/2014 by Alice O'Keeffe
The Bookseller's Books Editor, Alice O'Keeffe, picked out her favourites from August's hardback and original paperback releases. 
11/08/2014 by Jeff Norton
Author Jeff Norton tells us his favourite stories told as diaries. 
08/08/2014 by James Carol
My love affair with Stephen King started on my 11th birthday when I received a copy of The Dead Zone. Up until then I’d just read children's books, so this was both a revelation and an education. There were no happy endings in this story, that was for sure. By the time I finished it, I was hooked and quickly looked for more of his books. Even now, more than three decades later, I’m still first in the queue whenever something new is released.   I won’t claim to have read everything that King has written – because of the amount of words he churns out every year, I doubt many people have. I have read most of his work, though. What gets me most is the sheer diversity. Whatever the story is, whether it’s a horror tale about a clown in the sewer system, or a crazed fan with some interesting motivational techniques, or a short novella about a prison break, he grabs hold of you from the first word and doesn’t let go until the final full stop.    Quite simply, the guy is a genius. There are a lot of great storyteller out there, but there will only ever be one King.
08/08/2014 by Sophy Henn
 It still surprises me that I had a career in advertising.
07/08/2014 by Erin Lange
Someone told me recently that my genre is "Disabilities/Disadvantaged YA" and I had to bite my tongue to keep from arguing.
05/08/2014 by Sophia Bennett
"You know, you really should announce your weapons after you fire them, Mr. Gru. For example… Lipstick taser!"
04/08/2014 by Caroline Sanderson
The Bookseller's non-fiction editor, Caroline Sanderson, chooses her favourite non-fiction titles publishing in August. 

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