25/06/2014 by Toni Marques
Toni Marques was born in Rio in 1964 and is the co-editor of The Book of Rio, a book of short stories about Rio from Comma Press. He is also the curator of FLUPP, the first and only international literary festival hosted by shantytown communities in Brazil. Here he gives his recommendations of where to start with books from Brazil.   
24/06/2014 by Lizzie Enfield
The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote: “The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury.” In that sense my new novel was written  - or rewritten – to get even with the thieves who broke into our home last year, stealing my laptop, computer and the memory sticks, which contained the completed first draft. I had no other back up, so you can imagine how I felt, initially. But I decided to rise above it; rewrite the book, make it better and turn the break-in to my advantage. I’ve thanked the thieves in my acknowledgments. That said, revenge in fiction serves the plot best when it’s a little less forgiving.  The following are my favorite examples of revenge served in print and at temperatures ranging from cold to room temperature.  
23/06/2014 by Anna James
The winners of this year's Carnegie and Kate Greenaway awards have just been announced. Kevin Brooks has won the Carnegie for The Bunker Diary and Jon Klassen has won the Greenaway for This is Not My Hat. We chatted to them about their books and winning such a prestigious award. 
18/06/2014 by Sharon Maas
Author Sharon Maas is the great-gread-grandaughter of a man whose signature on a stamp meant it sold for £5.6 million this week. She tells us about the story of the stamp and how its inspired her new novel, The Small Fortune of Dorothea Q.
17/06/2014 by Anna Thayer
The inevitable has come to pass - season four of Game of Thrones has come to an end. To add insult to injury, there’s still no sign of the next book. So... what next?Fantasy is an umbrella term for an enormous spectrum of work, reflecting the myriad tastes and ages of its readers. Any Top Five list is going to make what, to some, are glaring omissions – Anne McCaffrey, Stephen Lawhead, David Eddings, Karen Hancock, Lloyd Alexander, Robert Zelazny, Marion Zimmer-Bradley, Robin Hobb, Jonathan Stroud, Katherine Kurtz, Robert E. Howard, Neil Gaiman, Susan Cooper, Robert Jordan, Lord Dunsany... Even this cunning list tactic can’t cover them all.So, if the books included in this Top Five list don’t seem like something for you, don’t despair: for broad are the gates of faerie, and many are the realms to explore therein.
17/06/2014 by Stephen Baxter
Stephen Baxter, with Terry Pratchett, is the author of The Long Mars, the third book in the Long Earth series. Set in 2040, a huge Yellowstone eruption has caused the population to flee to the myriad Long Earth worlds. Stephen tells us about his favourite interplanetary novels.
16/06/2014 by Jon Wallace
My debut novel, Barricade, uses Britain as its nightmarish future setting. There aren’t a huge number of dystopias set in humble blighty, but there are some are pretty special examples, and below I list five of my favourites: I should say that I am a lifelong Orwell devotee, but I’ve left out 1984 as it instantly tops any such list and it would be nice to try and keep things interesting. I’ve also left out the other big hitter, Brave New World, as to be honest I was never that big a fan.
16/06/2014 by Jemma Wayne
Jemma Wayne is the author of After Before, a novel about three women; Emily, an immigrant survivor of the Rwandan genocide, Vera, a newly Christian Londoner and Lynn, battling an untimely disease. Jemma tells us about writing about the Rwandan genocide.
12/06/2014 by Anna James
Here are the picture books that we're excited about in June. This is a new feature we're trying instead of reviewing individual pictures books. We'd love to know what you want to know about picture books and what you want from our picture book coverage so please leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter (@welovethisbook).  
10/06/2014 by Anna James
It's Horrid Henry's 20th birthday this year and to celebrate here's 20 Horrid Henry facts for you including Francesca Simon's favourite moments and her favourite titles from the series.

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