17/09/2013 by Lucy Worsley
Historian Lucy Worsley, presenter of A Very British Murder, on Christie, Sayers, Allingham and Marsh
12/09/2013 by Higgidy Pies
Higgidy Pies' chicken pot pie recipe is a real winter warmer
11/09/2013 by Felicity Wood
As the film adaptation of her bestselling novel, How I Live Now is released, Meg Rosoff talks to WLTB
11/09/2013 by Felix Francis
The crime writer and son of Dick Francis shares his adventurous recommended reads
10/09/2013 by Stacey Bartlett
Horrid Henry author Francesca Simon tells us about her childhood
09/09/2013 by Kim Newman
Anno Dracula author Kim Newman shares his favourite supernatural villains
04/09/2013 by Danny Arter
Jonathan Coe discusses Expo 58, "really one of the most British books I have written"
03/09/2013 by Thomas Hurley
Fourteen-year-old Alex Rider fan Thomas Hurley quizzes Anthony Horowitz on his new novel, Russian Roulette
03/09/2013 by Linda Huber
Author of The Paradise Trees, Linda Huber, on how coping with her father-in-law's dementia inspired her first novel
03/09/2013 by Felicity Wood
Bestselling author Jeffrey Archer on the latest instalment of his "pretty autobiographical" Clifton Chronicles, Best Kept Secret

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