30/01/2013 by Avril Joy
Read the winner of the inaugural Costa short story of the year prize
29/01/2013 by Katie Allen
Our FREE winter issue is packed with reviews, features and author interviews, plus our Great Big Book Festival Map
25/01/2013 by Katie Allen
Katie Kitamura on how writing is sometimes a monogamous relationship
25/01/2013 by Katie Allen
Rebecca Harrington tells us about the university days that defined her debut novel Penelope, about a Harvard student struggling to fit in
23/01/2013 by Myke Cole
Military officer Myke Cole tells us why touring Iraq and writing fantasy aren't all that different
22/01/2013 by Alice O'Keeffe
Ayana Mathis, whose debut novel was picked for Oprah's book club, tells how The Twelve Tribes of Hattie came to be
21/01/2013 by Jenn Ashworth
Jenn Ashworth tells us what it's like growing up in a Northern working-class Mormon community – and how it influenced her novel
18/01/2013 by Emerald Fennell
Actress and author Emerald Fennell remembers the scary stories that made her want to write
15/01/2013 by Lauren Hadden
The bookseller has picked its 11 most important debut writers for 2013: find out who they are, and get a taste of their books
15/01/2013 by Sam Byers
Sam Byers' Idiopathy has been picked for this year's Waterstones Eleven

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