12/02/2014 by Felicity Wood
Adele Parks takes us back to the Roaring Twenties in her latest novel Spare Brides
12/02/2014 by Felicity Wood
Zoe Pilger's debut novel is a rollercoaster journey through a twenty-something girl's life
12/02/2014 by Stacey Bartlett
Tom Rob Smith on the real-life story that inspired his new psychological thriller, The Farm
11/02/2014 by T.A. Williams
After Fifty Shades of Grey, erotic fiction is seen as a woman's world. T.A. Williams tells us what it's like to be a male erotic novelist
07/02/2014 by Stacey Bartlett
Anna Whitwham's debut novel Boxer Handsome is a tough-as-nails story of sparring in love and war set around an East London boxing club
07/02/2014 by Stacey Bartlett
Jennifer Clement's dark and funny novel Prayers for the Stolen is based on Mexico's human trafficking trade
04/02/2014 by Jane Hardstaff
Jane Hardstaff rounds up the most memorable narrators in children's books
03/02/2014 by Lesley Pearse
Lesley Pearse on how libraries paved the way to her career as a best-selling author
31/01/2014 by Sarra Manning
Author Sarra Manning shares her desert island books
30/01/2014 by Lucy-Ann Holmes
Lucy Ann Holmes on why chick lit is the best, despite its embarassing name

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