30/10/2014 by We Love This Book
The authors of the Oksa Pollock series answer our questions. 
30/10/2014 by Roopa Farooki
Roopa Farooki tells us about how browsing in the bookshop inspired her novel.
Lindsay Taylor and Suzanne Smith tell us about their favourite heroines. 
30/10/2014 by Lisa Cutts
Crime writer Lisa Cutts wonders whether muder is integral to crime fiction.
23/10/2014 by Emma Chichester Clark
Emma Chichester Clark tells us about her favourite dogs in literature in celebration of her new graphic novel, Plumdog.
23/10/2014 by Robert Groves
The consultant lexicographer of the new Collins English dictionary tells us why he believes dictionaries are still crucial in the age of the search engine. 
21/10/2014 by We Love This Book
We reveal the cover for new YA book, The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson, releasing in January. You can also read an exclusive interview between Lisa and Alice Todd, the book cover designer. 
20/10/2014 by Charlotte Eyre
Last month we announced the very first YA Book Prize, here's why we started it. 
17/10/2014 by We Love This Book
Read an extract from Daniel Akst's new book about self-control in an age of excess. 
16/10/2014 by Angie Sage
Angie Sage talks to us about returning to the world of Septimus and creating new characters to mingle with more established ones.

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