03/02/2014 by Lesley Pearse
Lesley Pearse on how libraries paved the way to her career as a best-selling author
31/01/2014 by Sarra Manning
Author Sarra Manning shares her desert island books
30/01/2014 by Lucy-Ann Holmes
Lucy Ann Holmes on why chick lit is the best, despite its embarassing name
30/01/2014 by Felicity Wood
Anna Hope on her First World War-set novel Wake, set around the mystery of The Unknown Soldier
24/01/2014 by Tom Tivnan
Natalie Young's novel is a darkly comic housewife's guide to cannibalism
22/01/2014 by Samantha Mabley
Artist and illustrator Samantha Mabley tells us what inspired her to redesign some of her favourite book covers
21/01/2014 by Judith Allnatt
Judith Allnatt on the men who left and the women who were left behind during the First World War
16/01/2014 by Danny Arter
 Fiona McFarlane on the themes of old age and isolation that inspired her debut novel The Night Guest
15/01/2014 by Rohan Gavin
Children's author Rohan Gavin shares his top five parents in children's books
15/01/2014 by Tom Benn
Crime writer Tom Benn on the smooth criminals that are hard on the outside, soft on the inside

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