16/09/2014 by We Love This Book
Specs for Rex author Yasmeen Ismail tells us about her childhood.
15/09/2014 by We Love This Book
SJ Watson talks to us exclusively about his new book cover. 
10/09/2014 by We Love This Book
The Guinness World Records team tells us about some records that aren't monitored any more, as well as records that didn't used to exist.
10/09/2014 by Emma-Lee Moss
Guest writer, Emma-Lee Moss, tells us about her late entry to the Zadie Smith party. 
10/09/2014 by Felix Francis
Felix Francis tells us about taking over from his iconic father, Dick Francis.
09/09/2014 by Caroline Sanderson
The Bookseller's non-fiction editor, Caroline Sanderson, choose her favourite titles that are out this month. 

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