01/10/2014 by Susan Fletcher
"A book is a gift to a reader, I believe that; by handing it over, the author is saying this is yours."
01/10/2014 by Peter Cope
The author of a guide guide to smartphone photography shares his top tips.
01/10/2014 by Robin Talley
The author of Lies We Tell Ourselves talks about her favourite historical fiction for teens.
30/09/2014 by Diana Souhami
Diana Souhami tells us about life after Daniel Deronda for Gwendolen Harleth.
30/09/2014 by Simon Inglis
The author of Played in London tells us his top 10 facts that you might not know about sport in London.
24/09/2014 by Rupert Smith
The author of Interlude tells us about the books that inspired him. 
24/09/2014 by We Love This Book
The author of thriller Dear Thief answers our questions.
24/09/2014 by Alice Ryan
Victoria Hislop talks to us about her new book, The Sunrise. 
24/09/2014 by We Love This Book
The author of Close to Home answers our questions.

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