07/05/2014 by Anna James
Author of the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris, is returning with a brand new series set in the mysterious Midnight, Texas. She answers our 10 Questions and tells us why her original title couldn't be used in the UK.
01/05/2014 by Anna James
Editors of new poetry anthology, Poems that make Grown Men Cry, tells us about how the project came about.
30/04/2014 by Anna James
Author of The Year of the Rat, Clare Furniss tells us about her book and her favourite books as a child.
29/04/2014 by Giles Kristian
Author of Viking epic God of Vengeance, Giles Kristian answers our questions about where the title of his book came from and which book he's recommending at the moment.
29/04/2014 by Robert Allison
Robert Allison was longlisted for the 2014 Desmond Elliott Prize for his debut novel, The Letter Bearer. He tells us about the experience of being longlisted for such a pretigious award.
25/04/2014 by Peter Quinn
Author of Dry Bones, Peter Quinn tells us about his Top 5 novels about the Cold War.
24/04/2014 by Anna James
Danny Wallace tells us about writing his new novel Who is Tom Ditto?
24/04/2014 by Anna James
Dawn O'Porter tells us more about her Paper Aeroplanes series and herself as an author and reader. 
24/04/2014 by C. L. Taylor
C. L. Taylor tells us about moving from writing romantic comedies to psychological thrillers.
16/04/2014 by Cara Hoffman
Author of Be Safe I Love You, Cara Hoffman tells us about her favourite war novels.

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