24/04/2014 by Anna James
Dawn O'Porter tells us more about her Paper Aeroplanes series and herself as an author and reader. 
24/04/2014 by C. L. Taylor
C. L. Taylor tells us about moving from writing romantic comedies to psychological thrillers.
16/04/2014 by Cara Hoffman
Author of Be Safe I Love You, Cara Hoffman tells us about her favourite war novels.
16/04/2014 by John Spurling
Author of The Ten Thousand Things, John Spurling tells us about his favourite books about China.
16/04/2014 by Anna James
Debut YA author, Emily Murdoch, talks about her book If You Find Me.
15/04/2014 by Anna James
Peter Buwalda answers the ten questions we ask everyone, and talks about likeable characters, sex in fiction and coincidences.
11/04/2014 by Kirsty Logan
Author of The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales, Kirsty Logan tells us about her favourite modern mythmakers.
07/04/2014 by Lucy Cruickshanks
Author Lucy Cruickshanks talks about her experience of having her books banned in Vietnam.
01/04/2014 by Stacey Bartlett
Author Lauren Owen on the childhood which inspired new gothic novel, The Quick.
28/03/2014 by Sally Kindberg
Children's author and artist Sally Kindberg reports on her time at Bologna Children's Book Fair.

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