Hot Picks for 2012: Fiction

The Bookseller's Philip Stone picks out the novels he's looking forward to devouring in 2012


Jake Arnott - The House of Rumour (July)
From the author of The Long Firm comes The House of Rumour, a novel "structured on the Tarot Card deck". It takes the reader "on an extraordinary journey into recent history...blending fact and fiction, real and imaginary figures". An ambitious novel, it appears, and one I look forward to devouring.
William Boyd - Waiting for Sunrise (February)
"Combining the intricate plot twists of Restless..." (which I thought was outstanding) "...and the evocative literary storytelling of Any Human Heart" (superb), Waiting for Sunrise is the pre-war-set story of a young English actor who becomes involved in a dangerous world of wartime intelligence.
Glen Duncan - Talulla Rising (April)
The sequel to 2011's The Last Werewolf, pregnant werewolf Talulla Demetriou races to recover her lost child, snatched after giving birth. Canongate are calling it a "monstrous hellride of a novel" which is good enough for me. Duncan's I, Lucifer was brilliant.
Michael Palin - The Truth (July)
Little info on this beyond the author, provisional title, provisional publication date and provisional price. But because it's Palin, a hero of mine, I can't wait to read it. According to Palin himself in April this year, he had spent most of the previous nine months attempting to write The Truth, the ex-Python's second novel after 1995's Hemingway's Chair
Louise Welsh - The Girl on the Stairs (August)
I am a huge fan of the novelist, having fallen in love with her début novel, The Cutting Room, when it first hit the shelves in 2002. The Girl on the Stairs has been billed as a "haunting, atmospheric" novel, in which a pregnant woman turns detective when she becomes convinced that something sinister is occurring in the flat next door. I can relate to that - I live in Penge and suspect something sinister is lurking in the flats above and below me, too.
Next week Philip will give us his non-fiction and children's picks for 2012.