Lord of the Flies Cover Design Winner

A 15-year-old girl has won a nationwide competition to illustrate a new edition of William Golding’s The Lord Of the Flies

Amy Baxter entered the competition, run by Faber and the Guardian, for the opportunity to design a cover for one of the world’s most famous books.

She won with her colourful, graffiti-style design for the edcational edition of the book, which will be published in the summer. The entrants' brief was 'into the mouth of the beast'.

Baxter said: "I tried to encapsulate all the feelings of the book in one picture, the primitive nature of the boys and their fear, all rooting in the form of the beast.
"I am absolutely honoured to have won the competition, especially considering the high standard of the other entrants. I studied the book last year at school and found it absolutely fascinating."
The competition was open for 13-16 year olds to create a brand new look for a classic novel. The 20 runners-up entries are on the website's winners’ gallery.