The Mr Men at 40: Your favourite Mr Man

The Mr Men are celebrating their 40th birthday – now you tell us which is your favourite!     

In 1971, Roger Hargreaves’ son Adam asked him what a tickle looked like, so Roger drew what we now all know as Mr Tickle. Forty years later, a Mr Men book is sold every 2.5 seconds and Roger Hargreaves was the third best-selling author of the decade behind J.K. Rowling and Dan Brown. The colourful characters were soon joined by their Little Miss counterparts, including Little Miss Naughty and Little Miss Princess, who was created this year for the Royal Wedding. But which is your favourite?

On our Twitter page, we asked who is your favourite Mr Man? Here are the replies…

My favourite is Mr Bump. When my wife is pregnant I'm going to get her a Mr Bump shirt for her baby bump.

Mr. Silly for pure surrealism. Beat the square apple and backwards teapot to win the Nonsense Cup. How Silly!

Mr Messy all the waaaaaay.

Mine is Mr Tickle because he has such confidence.

Mr Tickle. It can be no other. Those arms, that cheeky grin.

Definitely Mr Tickle, although Mr Bump is more topical after the riots...

Mr Lazy. What a role model. I've based my whole life on him. Nap, spend 3 hours toasting bread, nap again.

Mr Topsy Turvy. I loved how his taxi dented the traffic lights. I even had a mug. 2nd place to Mr Messy, because I was too.

My 8-year-old likes Mr Bump and I like Mr Fussy, who manages to prevail in a world of chaos and misadventure.

Mr Tickle all the way, my dad used to read me the book then attack me when he got to the end.

I was a big Mr Bump fan in my wee years. It was the huge bandage that did it... poor Mr Bump!

Mr Uppity because it is just such a bizarre concept for a kids book or Mr Lazy because he was on the fudge yoghurt.

My mum’s fave is Mr Dizzy. Reason – she likes his voice! I'm assuming it's the one she gives him in her head!!!

Favourite Mr Man for me has to be Mr Tickle. Although I still have a Mr Happy broach my brother bought me about 30yrs ago.

Mr Bump for me, from being a similarly hapless child (and adult).

Mr Chatterbox, sums up my tweeting habits!

Mr Clever was my fave – thought he looked like my Dad! Mr Strong also good – was my 1st Mr.Men book & had a string for tug-o-war!

Mr Happy of course! Everyone should be happy.

Mr Bump – makes for cheap and easy kids dressing up – one loo roll, one child and blue face make up.

Did you know? Fun facts about Mr Men and Little Miss

1. There are 47 Mr Men books and 36 Little Miss books

2. Mr Sneeze is the only character without arms

3. Adam Hargreaves, Roger’s son, now writes and illustrates the books 

4. When Mr Men came out in 1971 they were priced 15 pence each – now they are £2.50

5. On page 13 in Mr Messy, Roger forgot to colour in Mr Neat’s ears

6. Only eight of the Mr Men characters wear shoes

7. Mr Silly appeared in Luella Bartley’s guide to English style in 2010 wearing his iconic brogues

8. Mr Tickle is the most popular book, replacing the Lord’s prayer as the text that is read and recorded in a time capsule of public voice recordings at the British Library’s Evolving English exhibition

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