Neil Gaiman's All Hallows' Read

Author of The Graveyard Book Neil Gaiman is asking people to give others their favourite scary read for Halloween

Edgar Allan Poe? Stephen King? Angela Carter? Whoever your favourite spooky writer is, author Neil Gaiman is encouraging you to give someone a scary book in the run-up to Hallowe’en.

“We are not saying don’t give candy,” he urges in a hilarious video - just keep an eye on what’s happening behind him - “candy is important, fake blood is incredibly important, zombie teeth- do they even have zombie teeth?... buy scary books, borrow scary books, get them second-hand, check them out of your library.”

The plan is already spreading across Twitter with the hashtag #allhallowsread, and there is even a printable book drop sticker for those who want to leave their books anonymously.  

As Gaiman says, “Spread the joy, spread the terror”. What will you be giving?