New map seeks literary travellers

A new literary world map is asking readers to pin-point their favourite books

Fans of novels set in Australia (or indeed China, east Africa, south east Asia and Central America) are being urged to contribute to what the organisers are billing as “a new crowd-sourced literary world map”.

Set up on Google Maps, the device on allows book fans to circle the globe and zoom in on the red pins which mark the geographical site of the world’s literature. Each pin, when clicked on, reveals more info about the chosen book and place.

Pinned books already range from the obvious locations War and Peace (Moscow) to the less well known: Northern Lights (the Svalbard Islands) but there are still big gaps. "It's a glaring void," admitted Book Drum's editor, Hector Macdonald, "but Book Drum is a community website and it's up to contributors which books they want to profile."  

So what books are missing? Peter Carey's Oscar and Lucinda, Cloudstreet by Tim Winton? Ngugi wa Thiongo? 
Arundhati Roy?

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