Top Five Unlikely Authors

Five of the most unlikely people in the public eye to have put pen to paper 

The news that ballet dancer Carlos Acosta is swapping his tights for a typewriter to write a novel has got us thinking about who are the most unlikely people to have penned a work of fiction. From soldiers to celebrities, our top five list shows that you don’t need a degree in English Literature to get a novel published (although being famous probably helps).

Hugh Laurie
Before he became the highest paid actor to grace the small screen, the House star released spy-spoof The Gun Seller way back in 1996. While Laurie is rumoured to be sitting on a sequel, he still has some way to go to beat his Blackadder co-star Stephen Fry, who already has four novels under his belt. 
Naomi Campbell
The supermodel presumably did not have to look far for inspiration when writing her 1994 novel Swan, about a model who is blackmailed by a competitor. Campbell admitted that due to "time constraints" the book was ghost written, Katie Price-style.
Stewart Lee
In 2001 the Cambridge-educated comic published the ambitiously surreal The Perfect Fool. Perhaps the gulf between stand-up comedian and novelist may not be as great as you think; stand-up Mark Watson once based an entire show around attempting to write a novel with his audience, while Russel Kane also has a novel in the works. 
Andy McNab
The pseudonym of a former SAS operative, McNab used the success of the autobiographical Bravo Two Zero to launch his career as a novelist. He has now published a series of books, including 13 which follow the fictional exploits of ex-SAS soldier Nick Stone. 
Sharon Osbourne
The reality TV star and wife of heavy metal icon Ozzy Osbourne released her first novel, Revenge, in February 2010. Mrs Osbourne claimed to model herself on Barbara Cartland when writing this steamy tale of two sisters competing for the media spotlight.