Twilight : Breaking Dawn - film review

The fourth instalment in the The Twilight Saga will keep Twihards happy, but it won't be recruiting any new fans

There's no doubting vampires sell, and it certainly doesn't do any harm if they go by the name of Edward Cullen. With over £55 million book sales from Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series and over $2 billion made worldwide from the film franchise so far, the film adaption of the first half of the fourth and final book is undoubtedly going to be a huge success.

The film begins with the long awaited wedding of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). The setting is beautiful, as is Bella's dress, and even the usually long-faced Edward cracks a few smiles, but it is the hilarious speeches that are the highlight of the wedding - and perhaps even the film.

Their honeymoon attempts to create some more audience laughs, but instead, despite the much anticipated sex scenes (which are not as explicit as the book), it feels like it drags on a little. Fans of chess, however, may disagree. The sexual chemistry between the pair is great though, and it's quite a relief to finally see them without a care in the world (it's only taken three films to get them there). Then, as the film trailer reveals, Bella becomes pregnant - the consequences of which are horrific. Nearly as horrific as, Bella's best friend and werewolf, Jacob's (Taylor Lautner) acting skills - who is only good for his pout and abs (not to worry, the writers have clued into this: he's topless within the first few minutes of the film).

Like the book, the second half of the film's storyline borders on the ridiculous. The serious adult issues being explored are turned into a joke and it really makes you question whether Stephanie Meyer was struggling for ideas when she sat down and wrote the final novel. Seeing it on screen only further highlights this. However, action fans aren't to feel too let down as they are treated to a small helping at the end with the usual vampire vs werewolf scenario.

And fans of the The Twilight Saga soundtracks are going to be disappointed. From the slushy backing tracks with a Love Actually-esque feel to them to the tracks recycled from the previous instalments, it just feels, quite frankly, like they've got a bit lazy. Or perhaps budget cuts are to blame? Yes, very doubtful.

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 approaches more mature themes then the previous films - marriage, sex and pregnancy - but its amusing result is probably not what the writers intended. Nevertheless, it is one of the more entertaining Twilight films so far.

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