Wizard! J K Rowling launches Pottermore

Fans of Harry Potter will be able to cast spells, visit wizards' shopping street Diagon Alley and try out the infamous Sorting Hat as part of a new interactive website launched today.

Author of the fantasy series J K Rowling said she wanted to "give something back" to the loyal readers of her series of seven books by launching the site, called Pottermore.

Other interactive elements, which will follow the plot of the books from the first, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, will include a Wand Chooser, which will find the right wand for each user from over 33,000 possible options. Elements from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will go live early next year.

Users will be able to upload their own comments and pictures too, and Rowling has written exclusive material for the site, although she has ruled out another novel.

The site opens to fans in October, and from today fans can submit their email addresses on Pottermore.com in order to be contacted by the site when registration opens on 31st July—Harry Potter's birthday.

Rowling said: "I wanted to give something back to the fans that have followed Harry so devotedly over the years, and to bring the stories to a new digital generation. I hope fans and those new to Harry will have as much fun helping to shape Pottermore as I have."

Digital fans will be pleased that the long-awaited e-books of the novels will also go on sale in October, exclusively from the site.

The final Harry Potter film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two" opens in the UK on 15th July.