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Academy Street
Mary Costello
Review by Lisa Redmond
Academy Street is Mary Costello’s first novel following on from her award-winning short story collection The China Factory.
Peter Carey
Review by Charlotte Colwill
The timing of Peter Carey’s latest novel is particularly pertinent, especially in Australia, coming out as it does a few weeks after the death of Gough Whitlam, the one-time socialist prime minis
If I Knew You Were Going to Be This Beautiful I Never Would Have Let You Go
Judy Chicurel
Review by Rebecca Foster
In Judy Chicurel’s nostalgic debut novel, a group of troubled Long Island teenagers navigate the sex and drug filled summer of 1972.
Aimless young people haunt Chicurel
The Book of Gold Leaves
Mirza Waheed
Review by Sally Hughes
The growing violence evident in the streets of Srinagar, Kashmir is in sharp counterpoint to the exquisite pastoral scenes that protagonist Faiz paints so delicately on papier-mâché pencil boxes.
Cover Your Eyes
Adele Geras
Review by Sally Hughes
This is an intriguing story of guilt and responsibility.
I Refuse
Per Petterson
Review by Adam Ley-Lange
I Refuse is less a single story than a collection of broken narratives held lightly together by their relation to the two main characters, Jim and Tommy.
The Twilight Hour
Nicci Gerrard
Review by Megan Brown
In The Twilight Hour, Nicci Gerrard literalises the tidying and burying of memories and secrets into the physical process of clearing one’s possessions away.

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Review by Jade Craddock
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Debbie Taylor
Review by Tracy Eynon
Erin Kelly
Review by Morag Adlington
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