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The Dead Ground
Claire Mcgowan
Review by Anahita Mody

Forensic psychologist, Paula Maguire returns in Claire McGowan’s spectacular follow up to The Lost.

All the Things You Are
Clemency Burton-Hill
Review by Jade Craddock

Esther Goldfaden is a Holocaust survivor and now lives out her days in New York, a city that has given her a whole new life, with her daughter Rosalind and her husband Frank and her granddaughters,

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Letters To My Daughter's Killer
Cath Staincliffe
Review by Chris High

Letters to my Daughter’s Killer is that rare thing in the world of books - one that once it is finished can be picked up straight away and reread without hesitation.

Son of the Morning
Mark Alder
Review by Sally Hughes

This is Europe at the outset of the Hundred Years' War - a time of intrigue, conflict and bloody warfare, of knights and courtly love, of witch burnings and cathedral building.

Laura Powell
Review by Rebecca Watts

In Goddess by Laura Powell, Britain is on its knees. Poverty, hunger and fear are rife across the country but not everyone is feeling the effects.

The Forbidden Library
Django Wexler
Review by Kristy Rabbitt

One night Alice hears her father talking to someone, or rather something... an evil-looking fairy. Days later her father is dead and Alice is sent to live with 'Uncle' Geryon.

Take Me Home
Daniela Sacerdoti
Review by Penny Batchelor

On first impression this, Scardoti's second novel, is a tale that slots into the chick lit genre - girl meets boy and they have to overcome an impediment to their romance.

The Son
Jo Nesbo
Review by Barry Forshaw

The current king of Scandinavian crime Jo Nesbo can certainly afford to rest on his laurels, such is the enthusiasm around the world with which each new book is received – and the rockstar receptio

The Book of You
Claire Kendal
Review by Cara Fielder

Clarissa made one mistake, she was too polite, and has paid for it ever since.

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The Gospel of Loki
Joanne M. Harris
Review by Emily Webb
The First Rule Of Survival
Paul Mendelson
Review by Gerard O'Hare
Dawn O'Porter
Review by Anna James
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