The 52 Seductions

Publisher: Headline
Publication Date: 06/07/2011
RRP: £12.99

Ever wondered how to keep the magic going in a long-term relationship?

Betty has been happily married to Herbert for 15 years, but their sex life is flagging, so she suggests trying the "52 seductions" of the title, with the pair taking it in turns to reignite the passion in their marriage.

Based on her popular blog, Betty's book is a hilarious, candid and sensitive portrayal of a modern relationship, with all the hang-ups, insecurities and impracticalities of life thrown in.

Sensual without being explicit, Betty's adventures are genuinely funny but with very serious overtones as she and Herbert get to know each other, and themselves, for the better.

This book will resonate with many couples with its honesty and humour, and may even pass on a few ideas . . .

ISBN: 9780755362523

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