The Art of Camping

The Art of Camping
Matthew de Abaitua
Reviewed by Sheryl Shurville
Hamish Hamilton
Thu, 07/07/2011

The Art of Camping is a detailed history of camping intermingled with charming anecdotes from the author and his family so that those people who don't love camping will see the appeal and those that love it will see why others don't. Who would have thought that one in five adults has been on a camping or caravanning holiday in the last 3 years? The excitement and fun of camping shines through and the joy of warming ones toes by a campfire cannot be beaten. Gaze into the fire, it will change you. We all think of camping as Baden Powell and the boy scouts but the art of camping is enjoying the otherness of nature while mitigating its hardships. Let's escape to the hills!


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