Book of the Year: Before I Go To Sleep

Book of the Year: Before I Go To Sleep
S J Watson
Reviewed by Ed Wood
Tue, 14/06/2011

The We Love This Book team chooses its books of the year for 2011

Winner of all sorts of awards this year, including the Crime Writers’ Association New Blood Dagger for best new crime writer, Before I Go To Sleep is pure high-concept, with strong echoes of Christopher Nolan’s film Memento (though Watson hadn’t seen the film when he wrote it).

Middle-aged Christine wakes up each morning having lost all recent memories, including those of the day before. She has a husband, Ben, who appears to love her, and a psychiatrist she sees behind his back. But who is to be trusted and who wants to smother her returning memories? The collision of the domestic setting with high-concept thriller drives the narrative in truly intimidating directions, while the pace, alternating between discovery and threat, never lets up.

Less a crime novel than a brainy ‘what if?’, Before I Go To Sleep is the year’s most addictive read.


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