Burn for Burn

Genre: Children's
Publication Date: 28/02/2013
RRP: £6.99

Burn for Burn is the first collaborative work in a trilogy by teen fiction authors Jenny Han (author of The Summer I Turned Pretty) and Siobhan Vivian (Not that Kind of Girl).

The summer is coming to an end on Jar Island and three very different girls – Mary, Lillia and Kat – are preparing to start the new term. For Mary, it is her first year at Jar Island High School. Four years ago she left the island with her parents after the abuse and misery she suffered at the hands of a boy, Reeve, led to a serious incident. But now she’s back to live with her mysterious Aunt Bette and to confront her past, and most importantly the boy who ruined her life.

Lillia is returning for her final year at Jar Island High School where her little sister, Nadia, is just starting, and Lillia – whose summer ended with a traumatic experience – is going to go all-out to protect her. When she hears rumours that her friend, Alex, has been seeing Nadia, her sister is her number one priority.

And for Kat, life has never been the same since her best friend Rennie turned her back on her and treated her like trash. But this summer, Alex made her feel like she wasn’t an outsider – that is, until she found him with another girl.

Girls’ troubles bring Mary, Lillia and Kat together – and Kat hatches a plan for them all to get even. Starting with Alex, then moving on to Rennie and Reeve, the three girls devise and carry out increasingly dramatic and serious acts of revenge. But is their revenge justified, and how far is too far?

Han and Vivian's collaboration is effortless in Burn for Burn and the result is a thrilling and powerful novel on teen issues and realities, with a revenge plot that is especially thought-provoking.

Genre: Children's
ISBN: 9781471116889

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